Tyler Shadick

Personal Mission Statement

To be authentic, honest, fair, and innovative in both practice and reputation, contributing to the progress of well-being, inter-connectivity, self-expression and a culture of continuous learning.

Core Skills

Lifelong Learning

A firm believer in lifelong learning and continuing education.
Check out my Degreed profile for more information.


Digital Advertising, Bulk Email, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Advertising, SEO, Web Analytics

Consulting & Support

Problem solving with an emphasis on excellent customer service and a culture of teaching and learning.

Aesthetic Direction

Graphic Design, Creative Management, Video Production, Print Production. Trained in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Web & WordPress Developer

Implementation, Web Integrations, WordPress Support. Primarily using HTML/CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

Strengthsfinder 2.0


Considering a person or element in perspective with the overall climate or system.


Viewing each person as unique, knowing the limits of generalizations and personality profiles.


Breaking a complex topic or substance into smaller parts in order to gain a better understanding of it.


Drawing out the capabilities or possibilities of and bring to a more advanced or effective state.

Recent Works

I currently serve as a volunteer marketer and designer for the Central Florida Cross Network Рa network of churches, schools and nonprofits in the Greater Orlando Area.

Plant & Build Capital Campaign

Managed marketing and design during Plant & Build, Central Florida Cross Network’s 3-year capital campaign which raised $2.25 million in pledges. Lead a team of designers to develop high quality campaign collateral produced within budget.

Holy Cross Lutheran Academy Website

Redesigned the Holy Cross Lutheran Academy’s Website.

Kids Church Design

Designed a new logo and poster set for Holy Cross Lake Mary’s¬†Kids Church ministry.

Holy Cross Lake Mary Website

Rebuilt the Holy Cross Lake Mary website to be responsive.

Concordia Bible Institute Website

Implemented a new website for Concordia Bible Institute and refreshed their logo.